The Trip is the Destination: Notes to Traveling Leisurely

Gail and I retired June 30, 2018. Now that we are retired we have no reason to hurry; we can travel at our leisure. But leisurely travel is something we need to learn to do. I want to quit hurrying past places and also quit spending quite so many hours per day in a car. We used to do 10-12 hours a day, which is certainly doable in modern cars with cruise control, semi-auto pilot cars, satellite radio for entertainment and so on, but, still, a 10 to 12 hour day on the road does some wear and tear on the body. The leisurely travel length is more like 6 hours max per day.

One key to leisurely travel is to identify things worth visiting in areas we would normally have treated as fly over areas. Or, in our case, drive on by areas. A good example is the Monument Rocks site in far western Kansas. This probably isn’t the Kansas you know. The Kansas most of us know is “flat as a pancake” and a long, boring ride across nothing in the middle of nowhere. Like so many boring drives, though, that’s the view from the Interstate, not the one you’ll find if you can spare some time to drive some state or county roads. Then Kansas, like many other boring places, is remarkably wonderful in its own way and “nowhere” becomes “vast” and “nothing” becomes “creation.”

So, rather than scurry on by this site, we detoured and spent an interesting couple of hours in “nowhere” before getting back to the Interstate and doing 80 to Colorado.