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Landscape photographs

Photo-Bombing Geese

I was making some pictures using long exposures (15-25 seconds) when a gaggle of geese decided to land in the pond I was photographing. The long exposure gives the waves the geese created an unusual and not altogether uninteresting look. Lucky accident, I guess.

Colorado National Monument

We did a preliminary visit to Colorado National Monument on our way to elsewhere.Plenty of potential at the Monument and surrounding area, but, alas, I came away empty. It was just a quick visit and, being a flat lander from Missouri, I find big, open and vast places like Colorado National Monument hard to photograph. […]

Monument Rocks

The Monument Rocks site probably isn’t the Kansas you know. The Kansas most of us know is “flat as a pancake” and a long, boring ride across nothing in the middle of nowhere. Like so many boring drives, though, that’s the view from the Interstate, not the one you’ll find if you can spare some […]